Activism, arts and culture writing, novel and book reviews. Even beauty and skincare. Yup, I’ve got it all covered under one roof!

I am a freelance arts and culture writer living in London. Whether it’s theatre, art, fashion or opera, film, music, books or ballet, I’m fortunate enough to live in a city that has it all. Reviews of everything I see and do are posted up here.

Each month, I also send out newsletters of recommended shows and art exhibitions to see in London. If you want read back issues of these and sign up for future mailouts, have a look here.

I’m not just a passive observer either. I’m the founder of Ovation, the forum for women and female-identifying creatives (launching in Autumn 2018) that aims to challenge the lack of gender diversity and inclusivity in theatre. I’m a passionate feminist so working to ensure greater opportunities and fairer treatment for all genders in theatre is hugely important and exciting for me. Come join us!

There’s also books too…


I have my own YouTube channel and, monthly, I send out a tinyletter on books I love, books I’ve read, and my picks of the books that are being published that month. You can sign up for this little gem here.

I am also the writer of two novels: Darkness, which is a piece of feminist dystopian fiction set in the near-future, which follows an all-female terrorist group violently resisting the reconstruction of a patriarchal state in the UK in the wake of the collapse of the West. And, more humourously (!) Banking on Burlesque is my colourful memoir of the years I lived a double life as an investment banker and burlesque performer.

I am also the writer of plays and screenplays, and details of both The Murder of Anna Politkovskaya and Votes for Women are available on this site.


But that’s not all (hell, no!) Skincare and beauty are also a passion of mine and you can sign up for my weekly tinyletter on hints and tips here.

Enough to keep me going, right? But if you have an offer to put on my plate, or you want to have a chat about possible projects, you can always contact me here.