Banking on Burlesque

“An explosive new book which lifts the lid on what really takes place on the trading floors of the City’s biggest banks.” The Mail on Sunday

Banking on Burlesque is the incredible true story of one woman’s double life as a banker by day, burlesque showgirl by night.

Banking on Burlesque ISBN 9780992632113

“You see, the problem was that in a few years of life in banking, I was beginning to understand the difference between existing and living.”

Victoria works on the trading floors in one of the biggest investment banks in the world. But, disillusioned with the stresses and strains of work in an aggressively male-dominated environment, she looks for an outlet. Intrigued, she enrols for evening classes in burlesque – the art of the showgirl.

Quite unexpectedly, Victoria shows a remarkable talent for this feminine and creative art form. Under the wing of her eccentric but brilliant burlesque tutor, Victoria starts to perform on London’s cabaret circuit. At first it’s a struggle for this tomboy, more used to fighting with traders than bonding with women. But after a few difficult shows, Victoria begins to find her feet and her inner showgirl is released.

Victoria L'Etoile Burlesque Performance

Back in The City, Victoria’s career goes from strength to strength. But, as the credit crunch looms, her success makes her some dangerous enemies and she soon finds her secret hobby as a showgirl becoming the biggest threat to the delicate balance in her life.

As well as being a shocking and fascinating read, the book also looks at key issues such as corporate responsibility, the challenges women still face in the workplace, as well as the thorny issue of whether society will ever accept a smart woman being a sensual one too.

And how do I know all the above is a true story? Because it’s my true story.

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